Pre-Intercooler Charge Pipe From M7 Speed

Pre-Intercooler Charge Pipe From M7 Speed

The M7 Speed Pre-Intercooler Charge Pipe is simply a piece of flexible tubing that replaces a similar piece of tubing installed on your MINI. The big differences are that the curves are supposedly smoother and this hose eliminates the resonator found in your factory MINI hose assembly.

This replacement Intercooler Charge Pipe accomplishes two things; increases airflow which increases power slightly, and increases the sound of the turbo making the car more aggressive sounding.

Since I installed this as part of several performance improvement items I can not tell you it definitely does or does not increase power, although the overall result of the items which included this part certainly did.

I can tell you it adds a little spice to the engine compartment while doing whatever else it does, and it certainly is not overly difficult to install.

The hardest part for me was removing the old resonator since it is bolted in place and removing that bolt took a bendable 1/4″ ratchet, swivel, and I believe an 8mm socket with my arm stuck way down around a bunch of hoses (don’t try this with the engine hot).

Once the old assembly was removed it was fairly straight forward to snake this down into place and attach the two ends to where they go with the supplied hose clamps.

Again, I can not tell you what pieces actually added power to Buster, but I can tell you I have bolted on several things such as this without an actual engine tune and have had mechanics who owned their own Countryman tell me that mine has way more power than theirs.

The accolades from my mechanic and my seat-of-the-pants horsepower gauge both tell me the M7 Speed Pre-Intercooler Charge Pipe was a worthwhile investment that was easy to install, five out of five stars.

I hope you enjoyed my article of the Intercooler Charge Pipe from M7 Speed!

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