Looking for parts for repair or modding and wonder how they stack up? Looking for tools or parts to fix your MINI? I share some of my experiences so you can make better decisions on what will work for you!

Autel MaxiLink ML619 CAN OBD2 Scanner

The Autel MaxiLink ML619 CAN OBD2 Scanner is a fairly inexpensive automotive computer scanner that has an extremely good feature set. Buster was getting a little age on him and I had already had a failed coil which set an ...
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VIP Custom Parts – 23mm Solid 4140 Chromoly Sway Bar with Forged Ends

The VIP Custom Parts 23mm Solid 4140 Chromoly Sway Bar solves a particular problem, keeping your rear end on the road. That may sound simple, but it is a little more complex than that. When I went shopping for a ...
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MINI – Countryman Sunshade

You might think any sunshade is just as good as the MINI Countryman sunshade, you would be mistaken. I have tried the roll-up kind, the universal kind, and pretty much every other kind, they all leave something to be desired ...
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M7 Speed – Billet Aluminum Tow Hook

Right upfront you should know that the M7 Speed Billet Aluminum Tow Hook is not designed to actually tow your MINI, it is simply a really good looking accessory. If you are looking for some bling, however, this is an ...
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Meguire’s – Black Ultimate Plastic Restorer

Meguire's Black Ultimate Plastic Restorer G16910 (hereafter called simply G16) aims to fix one of the age-old problems with vehicles that have black plastic trim, particularly in larger pieces. These pieces fade and start to turn medium to light gray ...
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303 – UV Protectant Spray and Cleaner

303 UV protectant spray was recommended to me by another MINI driver virtually as I bought my first MINI. While billed as a marine product to protect boat seats, dashes, etc from the harsh environment they are constantly exposed to ...
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