Resetting Your Oil Life On A MINI Cooper 2007-2015


  1. Get in your MINI and CLOSE THE DOORS
  2. Insert your fob if needed, or have your fob ready like you normally start your car
  3. Do not put your foot on the brake
  4. Press the start button once if you need to insert your fob to start your car, twice if not
  5. Allow the vehicle to cycle through its startup routine (not start the engine)
  6. Press and HOLD the trip reset button until you see the oil symbol
  7. Press the end of your turn signal stalk until you see reset
  8. Press the end of your turn signal stalk until you see that it has reset the oil life
  9. Done

Yes, it is simple, but I had a hard time remembering on Buster I needed to press the start button twice while on Lola only once. I also had some brain disorder that made me constantly forget to close the stupid door. Since other how-tos on the subject I see online often leave out one or both of these little nuggets of information, I thought I would post my own instructions here.

I should also mention that I know these instructions work on a lot of MINI models including a 2009 R57 and a 2015 R60, it may work on more models than I have suggested or less. If you find I need to change the years listed to include or exclude certain years, please leave me a comment!


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