About Lola the convertible

I’m occasionally asked how I came to acquire Lola. It is a long story, and it starts with a Beetle.

What’s that?  A Beetle you say?

I had wanted a red convertible since I was a little girl. In my 40s I decided I needed it before I turned 50, and that it would be a VW Beetle. After two months of searching nationwide, I found the perfect-for-me Beetle. It was at CarMax in Kansas and I asked them to ship it to the North Houston branch.

To make a long story slightly shorter, the car was destroyed in transit so I had to find something else.

I couldn’t find another suitable Beetle at CarMax or otherwise. Allan suggested I might like a MINI instead so I looked at those on the CarMax site and found a suitable red convertible with turbo in California. They had it shipped to the North Houston branch at no charge and told me that they would fix anything I found wrong with it within the first 30 days. This car was a 2009 model and had plenty wrong with it.  They fixed everything but I was without my car for quite a bit of time soon after purchasing it.

Once they got the bugs worked out and I was able to spend enough time with her to get to know her, I decided her name was Lola.

Her name is Lola. She is a showgirl.

Lola’s first trip or outing other than to work and the store was with our club, the Houston MINI Motoring Society. We and thirty of our closest MINI friends (and their drivers) went on a dam tour. We met in Livingston and drove to Sam Rayburn and then to Toledo Bend. It was a long, fun, and sunburned day for those of us in convertibles.

Lola at Sam Rayburn dam
Lola at Sam Rayburn dam, Sue Ann was quick to get a MINI t-shirt!


Lola and all her new friends on Sam Rayburn dam. Lola is just to the left of center. Click for higher resolution image.

A showgirl gots to have some bling. Allan painted her brake calipers a gorgeous red.  I got her chrome letters to spell her name on the left side of the boot.   Not much later we took her to get dressed up Hawaiian style with new racing stripes on the bonnet and tribal tattoo stripes on each side.

New Hawaiian themed bonnet racing stripes.

She is a great car and so exhilarating, and she encourages me to always make sure that I’m fun enough to deserve her.

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