MINI Clubs

You owe it to yourself to join a MINI club and see what all is going on in your area.

Houston MINI Motoring Society

There are a lot of MINI clubs out there, our closest is the Houston MINI Motoring Society or HMMS. From the first meeting, everyone here is friendly and welcoming, even if for some reason you don’t drive up in a MINI. Meetings typically involve lunch or a late breakfast and are at varying places.

We have been to places such as on the Battleship Texas which presented some awesome photo opportunities and in quite a few parades during the year.

They have meetings once a month, and occasionally have drives after the meetings. They are also very big into helping those in need by helping with donations to worthy charities and collecting toys for the kids every Christmas (yes, there are a LOT of toy MINI Coopers given away).


San Antonio MINI Motoring Club

The club in San Antonio is on Facebook and has a great group of people. While not actual “members”, we tend to do a lot of drives with group members as well as meeting them at larger events such as MITO and MTTS. They also show up frequently for the MINI Fun Drives hosted by Ronald Watt through the hill country which is of course right in their back yard.


Austin MINI Cooper Car Club

Over in Austin, they have the Austin MINI Cooper Car Club which is another fantastic group of people we see all over at different events. This is another group that although we are not technically members, they all feel like family when we get together. If you need anything over there, give Desiree or Cindy Birmingham a shout and they will help you get situated.


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