Bertini’s European Service Center – The Woodlands

Bertini’s European Service Center is located right on Interstate 45 south in The Woodlands Texas. This is a very small repair center which specializes in many different European vehicles including Mercedes Benz, BMW, and of course MINI Cooper. Oddly enough, they do not work on VW.

We have had Lola worked on a couple times here and the service has been great for the most part, the people are absolutely amazing. I have had the owner come out and talk to me about a variety of things for like twenty minutes and it was clear he knew exactly what he was talking about.

I see this place as a kind of a mixed bag honestly. They know their craft, no doubt, and they have excellent customer service skills, but they lack the larger parts department of a dealership, lack the fleet of loaner cars of the dealership, and are really not any cheaper at most things. They are however much closer to us than Momentum MINI and since we won’t use MINI of the Woodlands any more this is pretty much it.

Don’t take this too harshly, if you live like me farther north or live in The Woodlands and don’t need a loaner then this is an excellent little shop.

Their waiting area is small but comfortable and they have a fridge with free bottled water. The whole place is clean and tidy and shows that they really care about what they do. They are fantastic at putting things on your level without making you feel dumb which a lot of independent shops are really poor at doing.

The only negative I have had there is that they missed an oil leak that Momentum MINI found when we specifically asked them to look for that oil leak. Stuff happens and I do not think too harshly about them for that one issue as all the other work they have done was very good.

Overall I would recommend them if you are close by and don’t need a loaner.

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