Exhaust Mods

Exhaust mods

The MINI has a nice exhaust system of stainless steel with an excellent warranty. Unfortunately it also has a second cat and resonator that quiet the ride and steal horsepower in the process. That is just not acceptable.

If you look at the above image you will notice that there is a large section of exhaust missing, that is where the second cat and resonator used to be. Wayne over at WC Auto replaced it with a nice straight pipe.

So why perform this mod? Much more aggressive sound and more performance. I can not honestly tell you if the car really is faster after this or if it is the fact that it sounds so much better you think it is faster. Equally as honestly, I don’t care, it sounds bad ass and it makes me feel faster, how is that?

While I am no expert (and did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night), this is as far as you can really mod the exhaust and be legal. You could of course replace the entire exhaust system with a performance package but as many long distance trips as we take I am not sure I want it any louder.

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