Avid AEP127 Car Polisher 6-inch Car Buffer

Avid AEP127 Car Polisher 6-inch Car BufferI have to admit that the Avid AEP127 Car Polisher 6-inch Car Buffer is only the second actual buffer I have ever owned, although I have used a few others I borrowed from friends. This polisher is nothing special, and that is really high praise considering it is a $70 variable speed, random orbit model. Let me explain.

I do all my polishing and buffing to my car by hand. Yeah, that gets a little tiresome sometimes but it also prevents what can be really bad outcomes. Unless you are just really trying to damage your vehicle, it is hard to polish too hard by hand. A car polisher or car buffer, on the other hand, can go through the clearcoat, through the paint, and into the metal in seconds flat. That’s why when I have a specific need I borrow a polisher and do everything by hand the rest of the time.

This time was a little different as I did not know how long I would need it, and I really needed it for two jobs, so I thought I might as well buy one if I could find one cheap enough that didn’t stink.

The first thing I needed the thing to do was it had to be a random orbit unit or you just wind up with swirls, and that would be bad. Next, it had to be either a model that only did 1,500rpm, or be variable where it could be set to that speed. This is because the primary reason I needed one was for a headlight restoration kit which specified that the polish it came with being used at or around 1,500rpm.

The specification for the Avid AEP127 Car Polisher 6-inch Car Buffer are:

  • MEET YOUR NEEDS: With powerful motor, this random orbital polisher is perfect for polishing and removing swirls, scratches, and defects from all painted vehicles, reappearing the shine of your car. You can also use it to sand wood or metal.
  • VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL: 6-speed control dial allows you to adjust the car polisher speed according to different applications; No-load speed: 1,500-6,800 rpm; Low speed for waxing and buffing; Medium speed for polishing and cleaning while high speed for removing paint defects and oxidation.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The rubberized body and adjustable handle provide you with comfortable grip feeling and non-slip control while in use. Never worry about your machine rolling off the table or falling off your detailing car.
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Whether you have one car, two cars, or a fleet of customers’ cars to care for, this polisher/buffer executes every detailing job quickly and easily. Easy enough for beginners, powerful enough for professionals.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: 1 x Avid Power dual action polisher, 3 x foam pads, 1 x foam disc, 1 x spanner, 1x hex wrench, user manual.

From reading that, this Avid AEP127 Car Polisher 6-inch Car Buffer sounded like it would do exactly what I wanted, and for a great price, so I ordered one.

Once it arrived, like everything these days, the Avid AEP127 Car Polisher 6-inch Car Buffer required some assembly. Fortunately, this is limited to attaching the top handle and the pad holder. The required wrench and Allen wrench are included in a small white cardboard box.

The top handle of the Avid AEP127 Car Polisher 6-inch Car Buffer just kind of clips on. Stretch it just a tiny bit (it is plastic) by wedging it over the top and it clips in place. There are then two bolts that tighten in to hold it in place which are tightened using the included Allen wrench. They make it adjustable so you can have the handle in different positions although I have no idea why you would want it anywhere other than directly behind the motor as shown in the image at the top.

Attaching the pad holder to the Avid AEP127 Car Polisher 6-inch Car Buffer is simply a matter of threading it on and tightening it with the included wrench. It is a reverse thread so that as the unit spins it is attempting to tighten it, not lose it.

Once assembled you simply plug the Avid AEP127 Car Polisher 6-inch Car Buffer into power, attach a pad, and go to work. The power switch located on top where you can use your thumb to turn it on and off. If you need to adjust the speed, there is a dial on the rear end with six positions to adjust the speed in steps between 1500, 3000, 3500, 4500, 5500, and 6800rpm respectively.

One very nice little feature was that the Avid AEP127 Car Polisher 6-inch Car Buffer came with 7-inch pads. At first, I was thinking they messed up, but after thinking about other polishers I have used that is actually common to make sure that the hard edge of the pad holder can not ever come in contact with your car’s paint, nice.

One last tidbit is that the Avid AEP127 Car Polisher 6-inch Car Buffer comes with a nine-foot cord which is just about the perfect length. No, it isn’t long enough to reach all around your car from the electrical outlet, but it is long enough to make sure no matter where you are working on your car the connection between its plug and your extension cord never touches your car, thereby preventing scratches.

Using the device was completely uneventful, the Avid AEP127 Car Polisher 6-inch Car Buffer did exactly what it is supposed to do. To me, that was the best possible outcome, nothing to report. It wasn’t too loud, wasn’t too fast, didn’t make too much noise, it just worked. The weight was about what you would expect and although a tad heavy for someone who wasn’t used to using one of these, it was not the heaviest one I have used by a long shot.

I guess my only complaint is that the handle was a tad bigger in diameter than I would have liked, or my hands are just a tad too small. I would have liked it if the Avid AEP127 Car Polisher 6-inch Car Buffer allowed me to wrap a little more of my hand around the grip. But here I am being very picky.

Overall I am very pleased. The Avid AEP127 Car Polisher 6-inch Car Buffer did an excellent job, was very inexpensive, came with a selection of pads which I found very nice (oh, and the pads are easy to clean which I liked), and felt pretty good using it for a long time.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Avid AEP127 Car Polisher 6-inch Car Buffer!

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