Floor Mats for MINI Cooper Front OEM 51472181811 All Season

Floor Mats for MINI Cooper

Yes, I bought the actual Floor Mats for MINI Cooper 51472181811 and I am very happy with them. I know, there are tons of MINI Cooper mats out there for half the price, but not like these.

Like most things MINI, the first thing you notice when you open the box with these Floor Mats for MINI Cooper in them is that they are extremely well made and heavy-duty. These are not light-weight floor mats, not in the least. I can see these standing up to absolutely anything you can throw at them, and then some.

The second thing you will notice is when you go to install these floor mats for MINI Cooper they fit not well, not good, but absolutely perfect. In a day and age where factory accessories can be cheap junk from China, it is nice to see high quality and perfect fit.

The rubber used in these floor mats for MINI Cooper is very non-slip and has a nice cushioned feel under your feet. I really like the fact that even wet with dress shoes on, they grip the bottom of my shoes well without being too sticky. The underside is a web of cells that give the mat some cushion instead of just a solid piece of rubber which of course would be pretty hard. This is really appreciated on long trips.

The dots and grooves in the mats make sure that no matter how much crud you have on the bottom of your boots or shoes, you are always in contact with the mat so slipping is not an issue. In a previous vehicle I had rubber floor mats without these features and getting in with muddy boots would have your boot slip out from underneath you and could really hurt you.

Front floor mats

So far I have gotten in Buster with some really horrible and nasty stuff on my boots and never had to worry about it. From the coal dust of a forge to the mud from a washed-out road to the clay of a riverbank, nothing bothers these floor mats for MINI Cooper. Years later they are still in excellent condition.

In fact, they have done so well that my wife ordered a set of these floor mats for MINI Cooper for her R57 to replace her factory carpet MINI floor mats. I was very pleased to find that although shaped a little different to fit the R57, the mats were made exactly the same.

The only little issue I have had with these floor mats for MINI Cooper is that they do not stay really black. Once they get dirty and you clean them they are pretty much a very dark gray from that point on. I have tried a lot of different cleaners and short of using something on them that makes them slick (tire black, Armor All) they will never be truly black again. It is frustrating because when you pull them out of the vehicle to clean them they look black, right up until you put them back in surrounded by black carpet.

Speaking of cleaning, it could not be easier. Remove the floor mats for MINI Cooper from the car, vacuum out the stuff that remains in the car, drop the mats on the deck or sidewalk, and use a water hose, your choice of soap and a brush to clean them good as new. I suggest shaking them and then wiping them off with a clean dry towel before putting them back in your car.

Update after five years: These mats are still in like-new condition except for the whole dark-gray color thing. I still clean them the same way, and there are no tears, rips, worn spots, or damage of any kind. I absolutely have thrilled with these things.

Even with that little color issue I still give my MINI Cooper Countryman S Genuine Factory OEM 51472181811″S” Logo Front All-Season Floor Mats five out of five stars. These are truly one of the nest MINI Cooper accessories I have purchased.

I hope you enjoyed my article on my floor mats for MINI Cooper!

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