MINI Cooper Emblem Covers by GAZOZ PERFORMANCE

MINI Cooper Emblem Covers by GAZOZ PERFORMANCE

The MINI Cooper Emblem Covers by GAZOZ PERFORMANCE are a fantastic little addition to an aggressive looking MINI and they certainly helped Buster’s track-inspired looks, and also a piano black MINI emblem would match the piano black trim from the factory on the rest of the car.

I have looked for some MINI Cooper Emblem Covers for a while because I have always wanted black a MINI Cooper emblem, and each method or product I found has pros and cons.

Covering the logos is either done with decals that tend to peel, flake, and fly off, or with actual plastic covers like these which tend to make the logos look bigger and bulkier.

The next method is to paint them which of course can have issues like overspray, paint imperfections, and in the case of using removable paint such as Plasti-Dip, it can of course peel and come loose around the edges.

Lastly is replacing the emblems which is the best method but also the most expensive and has the highest likelihood of causing damage to the vehicle as you could damage the paint in removing the old ones, or use an adhesive that damages the paint putting on the new one.

Out of all that mess, I finally decided on the MINI Cooper Emblem Covers as I thought they would be the least likely to do any permanent damage and also be the easiest to install.

While there are many different places to get these things I found these MINI Cooper Emblem Covers by GAZOZ PERFORMANCE on Amazon that seemed to look fairly well made and did not cost a fortune. I liked this kit as it included not only the MINI Cooper black hood emblem, but also the rear.  So I ordered them.

The MINI Cooper Emblem Covers arrived in a fairly substantial box which surprised me, and were very well packed. They did indeed seem to be well made and came with what looked like 3M red tape adhesive already installed and ready for installation. This looked like it would be pretty easy.

The first thing I did was make sure that the MINI Cooper logo on Buster was extremely clean. I gave them a bath the usual way then ran a fine microfiber cloth over them to find any snags or issues. Once I was satisfied that both MINI Cooper logos were generally clean enough I cleaned them off again using 90% isopropyl alcohol and a clean, lint-free rag.

Now that the old emblems were clean I removed the backing on the red tape of the MINI Cooper Emblem Covers and pressed the cover on using very firm pressure for as long as I could stand to press on them, probably several actual minutes for each cover. I then let them sit for a day without driving or washing the car.

Before and after, MINI Cooper Emblem Covers by GAZOZ PERFORMANCE

Several months, many car washes, and a few thousand miles later they are still firmly stuck in place and still look great.

Wider view of the MINI Cooper Covers
Click for a larger image

While I am subtracting a star because they make the emblems look a little thicker, which is not their fault at all but still detracts from the look a little at close inspection, overall I am really happy with the GAZOZ PERFORMANCE Front & Rear Glossy Black Emblem Badge Cover I purchased and give them four out of five stars, they are great MINI accessories.

I hope you enjoyed my article on the MINI Cooper Emblem Covers by GAZOZ PERFORMANCE!

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