MINI Cooper Turbo Heat Shield for Countryman by M7 Speed

MINI Cooper Turbo Heat Shield by M7 Speed

The M7 Speed MINI Cooper Turbo Heat Shield for the MINI Countryman not only helps keep your hood cooler, but it also makes the underhood area look much neater.

Before and after installation of the M7 MINI Cooper turbo heat shield

As you can see in the image above it makes the engine compartment look a whole lot nicer covering up not only the ugly turbo cover but also the oxygen sensor. In addition to this MINI Cooper Turbo Heat Shield looking great, it also matches their air intake system from M7  as shown above. I think both of these are essential r60 upgrades.

Parts that come with the heat shield

The installation is accomplished by removing two small bolts in the existing turbo cover and using the long bolts, washers, and spacers supplied with the MINI Cooper turbo heat shield as shown above.

The entire installation of the m7 turbo heat shield takes about 15 minutes.

Just like the airflow system by M7, this is made out of heavy-duty steel. There is nothing cheap or lightweight here. If you drop this MINI Cooler turbo heat shield on your foot be prepared to say a few foul words.

The bottom side of the M7 MINI Cooper turbo heat shield is lined with a high-temperature ceramic insulation that keeps the heat much lower on the top of the shield. Don’t be fooled, if you have been out running the roads and pop your hood with the intent of touching the top of this shield you will get yourself burned. While it is significantly cooler than the factory shield, it is still insanely hot and will burn you.

This lowering of temperature isn’t meant to keep you from getting burned at all, the MINI Cooper turbo heat shield lowers the temperature enough to hopefully keep your hood paint and hood scoop (for non-Countryman models) from discoloring.

The top of the M7 MINI Cooper turbo heat shield is a nice black powder-coated heavy gauge metal that will keep its shape and continue to look good for years to come. All of the edges are nice and smooth. The M7 logo plate is riveted on to the main shield. Everything is just built like a tank.

One recommendation I have is to get a 5mm hex t-wrench or 5mm hex socket and put it in the car permanently. You have to remove this shield to remove the plastic cover off the top of the engine. This could be important for example should you be on the road and have a coil fail. Replacing the coil on most MINIs does not require any tools, just a spare coil. That changes as soon as you put this shield on because now you have to have either a t-wrench or socket and ratchet to remove the shield before you can remove the cover over the coils.

Overall the M7 Speed MINI Turbo Heat Shield has been an awesome addition to Buster which I am very pleased to have bought, particularly since mini countryman performance parts are far more scarce than parts for other MINI models.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the M7 MINI Cooper turbo heat shield!

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