MINI – Countryman Sunshade

You might think any sunshade is just as good as the MINI Countryman sunshade, you would be mistaken. I have tried the roll-up kind, the universal kind, and pretty much every other kind, they all leave something to be desired.

What is so special about the sunshade from MINI that makes it worth the money? Simply like everything else MINI makes for their cars, it just fits perfectly and does exactly what it is supposed to do.

Let me make this a little clearer, this sunshade does not fit pretty well, it fits exactly and perfectly. It does not stay in place pretty well, it does it perfectly. It does not block most of the sun out of the front, the only way to block more is to cover your windshield with a blackout cloth over the entire windshield from the outside.

It also folds easily, is very durable, and well thought out.

Yes, I know you can make do with a cardboard one you can get dirt cheap and even sometimes free from trade shows, etc. I have done it. But once you use this little guy you will not ever want to go back, it really is that nice.

My only complaint? When you mod your MINI and put in that dashcam that sticks to the windshield, and maybe that radar detector that mounts to the ceiling, this might not fit as well causing you to mod your sunshade. But how would MINI know I was going to mount all that stuff? I should not blame them.

Go ahead, get a MINI Countryman Sun Shade for yourself, five stars from me.

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