Out Motoring

Out Motoring is your one stop shopping for actual replacement parts for your car. While they do carry some performance part, upgrades, mods, and accessories, they really shine at finding a replacement part for that thing-a-ma-bobber that broke.

They have an excellent set of exploded diagrams to help you find that part you need if you know where it is but not what it is called. If that doesn’t work send them an email and ask, they are absolutely amazing at turning vague descriptions like “that little plastic piece on the driver’s side that hangs down in front of the tire” into “driver’s side air dam part number br549” and providing a link right to it.

Need those little clips that hold that air dam on? No problem, part number 662938, $2 each, here’s the link.

These people have saved me so much time it isn’t funny. I go here first for all my MINI parts.

I have also found that they are always cheaper than the dealer on actual MINI factory parts. No idea how they do that but I like it. Even with my discount at the dealer for being in the local MINI club, still cheaper here, even including shipping.

Want to save more? No problem! They have aftermarket parts and parts made by the same manufacturers that make the factory MINI parts. Again, not sure how that works but don’t care, excellent parts at great prices.

So do I have problems with my orders here like I do at ECS Tuning? Nope, never once that wasn’t my fault for ordering the wrong thing. I should probably knock on some wood because no one is perfect but these people are as close as I have seen.

My recommendation is to order everything you can from these guys.

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