San Antonio Sisters Run 2018

The San Antonio club run to the Three Sisters out in the hill country is a favorite of ours. It always starts with a trip to San Antonio for a little fun the day before the drive which we really enjoy as we do not get to San Antonio very often.

This trip we checked into our hotel and then went to have dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack on the riverwalk. For whatever reason, there are only two Joe’s Crab Shacks left open and one of them is here in San Antonio.

Who would have thought that at Joe’s on the riverwalk you could be attacked by sharks? We had a few drinks, ate some crab, and headed back to get a good night’s sleep for the next day.

Turnout was good even though the weather in the morning was not that great. The first leg of the run was one big group into xxxxxxxxx. From there we split up into several groups including a spirited group, a normal group, and a sightseeing group. Buster, of course, wanted to go in the spirited group so off we went.

Tim led the spirited group in Storm and I have to admit, it was very spirited! Buster was a little miffed as the driver in front was on his first drive of this type and had a rough time keeping it on the road. This led to some rocks being thrown up and into Buster’s windshield making a nice little crack.

It’s OK though, those are the risks we take when we choose to push our MINIs in the curves, and the new guy had to learn somewhere, better among fellow MINI enthusiasts who understand.

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